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I guide organizations around and through the blockers, blind spots and behaviors that
keep them from accomplishing their most important goals.

I use all that I have learned in my journey as an entrepreneur, business executive, coach, educator, turn-around guy, writer and professional speaker to help leaders unlock the change they are seeking. I ask the really tough questions to get to the heart of the matter and help craft solutions so people can make themselves, and everyone around them better.


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“Doug is a captivating speaker. He offers a wealth of practical information on time management, business development and general business skills for attorneys. He presents information in a way that is interesting and easy to understand and apply. Each and every time I have interacted with Doug, I have come away with a new perspective to apply to my life or business.”  – Karen J.S. Gallagher.  Partner. Ouellette, Deganis & Gallagher, Cheshire, CT

“Doug worked with me to break down the barriers holding us back. He helped me see all of the pieces of the puzzle that needed solving. We are now on a positive path. All team members taking ownership of their areas of responsibility while working more effectively together. Doug also helped us implement a focused approach to marketing and sales. Everyone is focused on the success of the company. With Doug’s help it’s getting fun again.”  – Dave Drescher, President, Drescher Insurance

“I count on Doug for advice on how to best structure and grow my practice, and he delivers. His insights, strategies, and tips have proven invaluable. I highly recommend him.”
– Steven Kolodziej, Esq.  Law Office of Steven Kolodziej, LLC

“I have learned so much from Doug. His business advice in invaluable. I have used his advice to improve my marketing, billing, and client-relations skills. I would particularly recommend Doug’s seminars.” – Thea Martin, Esq.

“Doug’s experience in business and as a lawyer lets him quickly zero in on the specific issues, skills and actions I need to address as I grow my practice.   He’s an excellent motivator (i.e., he knows how and when to push me in a particular way) and he’s simply a pleasure to work with.  I recommend him highly if you’re serious about growing your book of business.”  – Paul HollandPrincipalHolland Law Offices, Groton, CT

“Doug takes a strategic approach to any project he takes on. He does not leap before he looks. But, when he’s done “looking” he acts. In my work I often run into people who are either good planners or good executers. Doug is that unusual combination of both.” – Andrea Obston, President Andrea Obston Marketing Communications

“If you are seeking a person who can size up a complex situation, identify hidden problems and opportunities, and then recommend strategies that get results, you need Doug Brown. He is a visionary, an educator, and an excellent business coach.” – Jeff Lefkovich, President, JB Commercial, Inc.


Accelerated Marketing and Brand Building
Improving Productivity and Mastering the Clock
Taking Charge of your Career
Hiring Outstanding Employees

You Will:

Create a clear plan you can execute and measure.
Make Time to work on your business and have a life.
Focus  and follow through on what you need to do to succeed.
Gain expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
Make more money
Live a happier life.


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Unlocking Courage:  5 Keys to Increased Engagement, Productivity and Profit



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By Phone: 203.232.4841
By Email:
On LinkedIn: /in/douglasbrown