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Executive Coaching for Attorneys and Entrepreneurs

Accelerate your Marketing & Build Your Brand

Increase Productivity & Master the Clock 

Take Charge of your Career

Hire Outstanding Employees


“I count on Doug for advice on how to best structure and grow my practice, and he delivers. His insights, strategies, and tips have proven invaluable. I highly recommend him.”
– Steven Kolodziej, Esq.  Law Office of Steven Kolodziej, LLC

“I have learned so much from Doug. His business advice in invaluable. I have used his advice to improve my marketing, billing, and client-relations skills. I would particularly recommend Doug’s seminars.”
– Thea Martin, Esq.

Coaching gets results:

A clear plan you can execute and measure.
Time to work on your business and have a life.
Focus  and follow through on what you need to do to succeed.
Expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
A more profitable business.
Options for your future.

How it works: 

Video or Telephone meetings 2 or 3 times per month to fit your schedule
(In person programs also available)
Unique Online systems and resources to accelerate your learning
Experienced perspective and practical solutions


Helping attorneys …

Helping executives …

Helping entrepreneurs

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By Phone: 203.232.4841
By Email:
On LinkedIn: /in/douglasbrown