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Get the Clients you Deserve:  Marketing Action Planning 

A marketing action plan gives you control of the clients that come to your practice. Few lawyers take the time to think critically about the market niche that makes the most sense for them  based on their skills, interests or passions and market conditions.    In just 6 short weeks, most attorneys can develop and begin implementing a clear, concise and focused plan of action designed to bring them the clients they actually want.

The Marketing Program  helps you focus on the most essential aspects of any marketing effort:

  •  Setting your course
  •  Targeting the right work
  •  Charting and navigating your universe of contacts
  •  Conveying affective marketplace messages
  •  Using multiple channels about reach
  •  Building and expanding your online presence
  •  Activating your referral sources
  •  Nurturing your existing clients and relationships
  •  Strengthening your client development habits


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