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I’ve been enjoying working with various reporters on topics of interest over the last couple of months.

Most recently my thoughts on working with a new team were included in a piece that ran in the Chicago Tribune and was also syndicated in the Hartford Courant and Sun Sentinel!

The topic is how a manager can work effectively with a new team when the team has been together for a long time.  I’ve done this several times, and each time I learn something from it!

Here is a brief excerpt from the linked articles:

When taking part in that initial “listening tour,” new managers should pay attention to both what is being said and what is not being said, Brown says. But if there is an immediate crisis that needs to be resolved, it’s important for managers to remember to shift back out of crisis mode. Brown points out that managers often fall victim to managing crises all the time.

“If you continue to operate in that way, you never take a deep breath and figure out what you’re doing long term and what the bigger picture is,” Brown says.

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