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I work with individuals and organizations who are committed to continuous improvement to achieve their full potential in business and in life.  I focus on helping:

  • Attorneys in private practice and law firms on marketing, time management & productivity so they can make more money and have better lives
  • Executives and business owners to implement strategy, build effective organizations, hire great people, improve operations and optimize earnings so they can make more money and achieve their goals
  • Attorneys in career transition to market themselves into the next career opportunity

Business Coaching Basics

Having a business coach is like having a personal trainer to help you reach your potential. Your coach helps you learn how to run a better practice by applying proven business principles to the unique nature of the legal profession.

Typical results from a coaching relationship

  • A clear plan you can execute and measure.
  • Time to work on your business and have a life.
  • Focus  and follow through on what you need to do to succeed.
  • Expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
  • A more profitable business
  • Options for your future.

The focus in coaching is teaching the client new skills and helping them implement and sustain new behaviors and practices.  To coach helps the client find the answer and get results.

The focus in consulting is providing the client with the answers based on specific expertise in the industry.  The consultant recommends a specific course of action and in many cases does the work for the client.

Many of my clients need consulting expertise in addition to the core business coaching service.  My consulting practice includes both financial and operational consulting as well as coaching on leadership, sales and business development strategies.

My ideal client:

  • Is successful, smart and driven to succeed.
  • A learner who is committed to continuous improvement.
  • Wants the best things for themselves and their families.
  • Understands the value of coaching and will take the actions necessary to achieve their goals.

The best athletes in the world hire coaches to help them keep their edge and improve performance.   We seek clients who are determined to achieve their full potential. 

Typical Engagements include:

Most business owners are concerned about three key areas:

  • Growing the business. This is about getting new clients, keeping the ones they have and beating the competition.
  • Making a profit. Growth doesn’t necessarily mean a profit. This is about running an effective operation so that the top line cash turns into as much profit as possible.
  • Building value. This is about turning the business into something that can be transferred to another owner or just run effectively beyond the owners’ individual efforts.

Each client’s program is designed for their specific needs. Program elements can include:

Strategy & Planning. Where is your business today, where would you like it to go and what steps do you need to get started? We work with business owners to develop their strategic vision and know how to translate that to their day-to-day tasks. This program can also help owners who are thinking about buying or selling a business.

Marketing & Business Development. We focus on marketing and sales strategies. We apply the 4Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. We also work on a solution-selling approach to increase your close rate. As a result of this program business owners will understand (and practice) how to capture the unique aspects of their product (or service) to stand out in a crowded marketplace and sell more.

Customer Service & Retention: We focus on how to keep existing customers happy, how to turn them into your “Fans” who will give you more work and become one of your Promoters.

Team & Individual Development: We focus on how to make your team work most effectively together. Your coach meets with team members and facilitates interaction to improve communication and effectiveness. Through this program owners and team members learn how to set and achieve clear goals, share expertise and become more engaged in the business.

Operations Development: Even the most effective sales and marketing won’t turn a company into a profitable enterprise if the “Operations” side is leaking cash. In this program your coach will help you with a review of your operations to identify areas for improvement and gaps that need filling. Owners gain a fresh, outsiders perspective and learn how to plan to make change happen.

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