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Time Management & Productivity

5 Keys for Student Productivity (Time Management) 12-2013.  Presentation Dec. 2013

Technology Issues

Issue:   Files are too large to upload to Blackboard.

Fix:  Use a third party file sharing service. They are free.  Follow these instructions:

    1. Select a service that will work for you.
      • Choose a free site that gets good reviews.  Some suggestions are below but the decision is yours.
      • Test the service with a colleague or a separate email account.
    2. Upload your file.  Each service provides a link that you can send to the recipients.  The recipients will use this link to upload your file.
    3. Post a notice and with the link in the Blackboard Grade Center where you would submit assignment.
    4. Once you have received your grade you may unshare the file or folder.
Suggested services:

Issue:  Audio does not follow the Powerpoint show when you upload or email it.

Cause:  This typically happens because your audio files are linked to the Powerpoint instead of embedded in the presentation itself.  This works on your computer because the link knows where to look for the audio.  When you transmit the file the links are lost (we have the powerpoint but not the audio).

Fix:   There are several ways to fix this problem.   Pick one that works for you.  Note:  This may create a very large file – please see “Sending Large Files” for advice on that.

Option 1:  Reload each audio file into PPT, being sure to select the “embed” instead of the link option.  You need to do this at each slide.

Option 2 :  Save as Movie.    There should be an option under File to Save As (or Export) the file to a Movie File.  This packages everything up into one (large) file that can then be played by the recipient.

Option 3:  Save as PowerPoint Show.    Under Save As there should be an option for “Powerpoint Show” (.pps or .ppsx).   This should do the same thing as “Save As Movie” but in a different format.

Option 4:  Upload Audio Files to Shared Folder.  The last option is to send the audio files separately (being sure that each one is named to correspond to the slide).   See below re: Large Files to learn how to send these.


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