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The Small Firm Practice Management Section of the Connecticut Bar Association met recently to share tips and strategies for using technology to become more effective in small law practice.

In this case it was a round-table conversation where I facilitated a conversation from attendees.  These are always fun and informative because we hear great ideas from members, and get great questions.  Everyone leaves energized and learns something they can try in their practice.

Some of the ideas we talked about:

  • Value of a law practice management system.  Members shared perspectives on when and how they use LPMS and also how to leverage the power of MS Exchange and open source programs.
  • Efficiency from going paperless with scanning.  Most everyone uses a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to great effect.   It got uniformly great reviews.
  • Voice to Text is a big productivity booster for some.  Most favor Dragon NaturallySpeaking for creating documents and client notes.
  • Dropbox and online document storage were discussed.  We talked about the relatively new idea of “mycloud” private networks, but nobody had tried them (yet).
  • Notetaking with Evernote and OneNote
  • Copy2Contact and card scanning apps to capture contact data efficiently.
  • David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) system for managing tasks.  I found a nifty and simple guide called:  “GTD in 15 Minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done”.  It is a good overview of the system with simple tips.

A copy of the slide deck we used for the conversation is attached to this post here.
SFPM Tech Tips 2-25-14

We hardly scratched the surface – but that’s why we have future meetings!

Next time one of our members is going to talk about how she has transformed her practice by charging for consultations (no more free consults).

We’re all looking forward to that conversation!


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